Adipurush trailer launch time changed, now Jai Shri Ram will be announced at very late hour

Adipurush is an upcoming Indian epic action film directed by Om Raut and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sutar and Rajesh Nair. Today, in an official announcement, the makers of Adipurushi announced the release of the official trailer of Adipurushi. Adipurushi trailer was released today, and Many people have been waiting for the trailer.

The start time of the trailer has changed, but the official release will start the trailer at 1:53 PM. Adipurush is the costliest film in Indian cinema. The trailer of Adipurush film has been changed to Monday evening around 2 pm on Tuesday. The trailer of the movie can also break the record on YouTube. The 3D trailer of the movie will be out at 5:04 PM. Prabhas (Raghav), Kriti Sanon (Janki), Saif Ali Khan (Raavan), Sunny Singh (Laxman), Devdutt Nag (Hanuman), Vatsal Seth (Indrajeet) will play roles in the movie.


The film’s trailer was shown at PVR Juhu (Mumbai) on Monday, in the presence of the film’s creators and actors. PVR didn’t collect phone calls from fans, so recorded the trailer and posted it on Twitter. The trend of #Adipurushtrailer continues even today.


Adipurush Trailer Movie Trailer


In the Adipurush Trailer, Lord Rama shoots arrows in his bow. Ravana disguises himself as a sage in the hut of Goddess Sita. Then Pushpak Vivaan enters. Lord Rama can be seen eating berries in the Sabri hut, Lord Hanuman lifting the mountain and burning Lanka. The movie will also be released in 3D in cinemas on 16 June 2023.

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