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We will read about, “An announcement is made regarding the new bilingual film of Shiva Rajkumar.” Shiva Rajkumar is one of the biggest superstar and busiest stars. Shiva Rajkumar has been in the news so far for movies like Ghost, Vedha, Captain Miller, Kabza and many others.

Geetha Shivarajkumar’s birthday witnessed the official announcement of the latest project by the triumphant figure of the Indian film industry. Once again, this hat-trick hero is ready to captivate audiences with a new movie.

The film is directed by Karthik Adwait and the music is composed by Sam CS.  The cinematography of the film is by AJ Shetty and editing is done by Deepu S Kumar. S N Reddy and Sudheer, under the production banner of Bhuvaneshwari Pictures, are currently working on the production of the film.

It is slated to release in both Kannada and Tamil languages. The film promises to be a thrilling action thriller that may be packed with high-octane sequences  Karthik Adwait is a director, writer and producer with his debut in film industry “Paayum Oli Nee Yenakku”.  Paayum Oli Nee Yenakku is an action thriller Tamil language film, now he is going to be seen in a bilingual Kannada and Telugu film.

Shiva Rajkumar’s Muhurtham Ceremony is scheduled to take place in August. Shiva Rajkumar will be portraying the main character in the movie, assuming a fresh role. The film’s casting updates are anticipated to be revealed gradually.


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