Are Bimbisara and Vishvambhara both part of the same universe?Image credit: Twitter

We will read about, “Are Bimbisara and Vishvambhara both part of the same universe?” A new development has emerged in the world of cinema, causing a great deal of anticipation among enthusiasts. Moviegoers who enjoy similar films are interacting with one another; on one side, you can see Mega Star Chiranjeevi, and on the other, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

There is a buzz on social media and in the film world that both Bimbisara and Vishwambhara are part of the same cinematic universe. Its official announcement has not been made yet. Bimbisara  was released in 2022, which turns out to be a superhit. Bimbisara part 2 has been announced a few days ago. Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film Vishwambhara was released on 10 January 2025.

Bimbisara and Vishwambhar are both socio-fiction films directed by Malladi Vasishta. The reports on social media are truly amazing, especially when considering the concept of a “cinematic universe.” Vishwambhara also stars Mega Star Chiranjeevi along with Trisha Krishnan, Meenakshi Chowdhary. If this proves to be true it will undoubtedly spark much excitement and buzz.


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