At Cannes 2024, Rajpal Yadav and Palash Muchhal unveil the poster for the upcoming movie MaktoobImage Credit: @rajpalofficial

We will read about, “At Cannes 2024, Rajpal Yadav and Palash Muchhal unveil the poster for the upcoming movie Maktoob.” Once more, Rajpal Yadav will be entertaining you. You are all aware of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, which has swept through numerous Indian celebrities. Rajpal Yadav has also taken part in Cannes 2024, where the initial poster of the Maktoob film was revealed.

Rajpal Yadav in Cannes film Festival 2024

Rajpal Yadav is currently making his debut with the film “Kaam Chalu Hai” released on ‘Zee5‘. Rapal Yadav debuted at Cannes in 2024, where it was announced that the poster for the Bhojpuri film Sanyog, starring Dinesh Lal Yadav and Amrapali, had been revealed. He mentioned on the news channel that he had received an invitation previously, but had not attended. There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the planned film screening of “Kaam Chalu Hai” during the function.

In the Kaam Chalu Hai, Ram Gopal Varma “Manoj Patil” is seen fighting for justice for his daughter Gudiya Patil “Kurangi Vijayshri Nagraj”. When his daughter died due to a pothole, he complained to the authorities but they did not listen to him, so he started filling the potholes himself. In the film love for father and daughter”, an intense emotional rollercoaster, amazing’s performance was with a stellar cast.


The initial unveiling of the Maktoob movie’s first poster remains undisclosed

The initial glimpse of Rajpal Yadav’s forthcoming movie, Maktoob, was unveiled at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival in 2024. Rajpal Yadav, along with the film’s director, music composer, and writer Palash Muchhal, presented the poster for their highly anticipated film, Maktoob. There are nine special children with Rajpal Yadav in the film, who are also seen in the poster of the film. Kaam Chalu Hai Film stars Rajpal Yadav in the lead role and music is composed by Palash Muchhal. The level of discussion, enthusiasm, and anticipation surrounding the film is steadily growing among fans.

At Cannes 2024, Rajpal Yadav and Palash Muchhal unveil the poster for the upcoming movie Maktoob
                                                   Image Credit: @rajpalofficial

Rajpal Yadav Upcoming film

Rajpal Yadav’s image is that of a comedy actress but she has also worked in many series of films. A serious role has been seen in the latest film Kaam Chalu Hai. Rajpal Yadav’s upcoming films are “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3”, “Housefull 5”, “Bole Chudiyan”, “Camp Descent”, “Mannu Aur Munni Ki Shaadi”. Meanwhile, a new Maktoob film has been announced at the Cannes Film Festival. The consecutive announcements of the film have heightened the excitement to its peak.


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