Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash: The first film from Namashi's production is here!image credit: @namachaks

We will read about, “Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash: The first film from Namashi’s production is here!” Namashi Chakraborty’s inaugural film is set to captivate audiences. The debut production from Namashi Chakraborty follows his father’s announcement back in February.


Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash! Review

Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash is a Hindi language short film produced under Namashi Chakraborty. Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash” delves into the story of a man reluctant to marry his lifelong acquaintance. Shutting himself away and avoiding his father, he faces the girl his father wishes him to wed. When she joins him and locks themselves in a room, they emerge with a revelation connected to the man’s inner struggles. Will his father embrace this truth?

Mahesh Bhatt has appreciated the short film and Namashi Chakraborty has posted it on social media and written the caption, “The Legend #maheshbhatt Bhatt Saab reviews Bahar Aa, Chaman Prakash. We the team couldn’t be happier and prouder by your acknowledgment. Love you @maheshfilm ♥️ Our Short Film is streaming now on @pocketfilmsin’ YouTube Channel.”

Bahaar Aa Chaman Prakash is a short film that teaches you a new lesson. The short film Bahaar Aa Chaman Prakash was streamed on Pocket Film’s official YouTube channel. Fans are ecstatic after viewing the Bahaar Aa Chaman Prakash short film. The film has received positive feedback and enthusiastic applause from its audiences.

The film is directed by Aniket Dabas and cinematography is by Sopan Purandare. The Bahaar Aa Chaman Prakash! stars Amol Gupte, Namashi Chakraborty, Zalak Kumar, Hemani Chawla. The film is produced by Sumukha Entertainment, Shrikant Wattamwar, Namashi Chakraborty and edited by Amit Kumar.

This short film promises to deliver an exceptional cinematic experience. With its captivating storyline and innovative concept, it offers a unique blend of scenic cinematography.


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