Barah by Barah Update: Theatrical poster of award-winning film Barah By Barah has been unveiled.Image credit: Twitter

We will read about, “Barah by Barah Update: Theatrical poster of award-winning film Barah By Barah has been unveiled.” Gaurav Madan is making his directorial debut. Prior to this, he has helmed three short films, and now he is embarking on a film project with a distinctive concept. The narrative revolves around a photographer hailing from Varanasi, who captures images of deceased individuals at the Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi.

Barah by Barah films won many awards at many film festivals. The film won the Grand Prix for Best Film at FIPRESCI India, Best Director at Pune International Film Festival and Best Indian Feature Film at Diorama IFF. Fans of the film are eagerly waiting for it. The craze and excitement is increasing after the announcement of the film.

“I hail from a small town called Jagadhri in Haryana. My parents had to let go of our ancestral home because the government decided to widen the adjacent highway. This film is a personal story, one I believe will resonate with anyone grappling with change, told through the lens of a novel protagonist. I have always wondered about the eternal ‘circle of life and death’. But in Banaras, this inevitability is celebrated every day, every hour and every minute! This quality of the place and its dwellers really enticed me to make a film!”, say madan as per as news bytes.

The film is directed by Gaurav Madan, written by Sunny Lahiri, Gaurav Madan. The film has a very talented cast including Harish Khanna, Gyanendra Tripathi, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, Akash Sinha and many more. The film is produced by Jignesh Patel under Amdavaad Pictures. The film is now scheduled to release in theatres on May 24.


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