Best Hacking movies on Netflix in hindi dubbed 2024

We will read about, “Best Hacking movies on Netflix in hindi dubbed 2024.” Netflix stands as a prominent OTT giant, offering a wide array of web series and movies across various genres. The buzz and fervor surrounding the Best Hacking Movies on Netflix is currently reaching its pinnacle. There are many blockbuster movies available on Netflix, and the basic plan of Netflix is Rs 199. In this article, we will delve into the top picks for the Best Hacking Movies available on Netflix.


Best Hacking movies on Netflix in hindi dubbed 2024

The Matrix

There have been 4 films in the Matrix franchise, released from 1999 to 2021. The Matrix story falls under the cyber punk and media franchise which you can watch on Netflix. The film takes you through a world of computer hacker Neo that reveals shocking truths about the world. The film is directed by The Wachowskis, Produced by Joel Silver under Village Roadshow Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment. In the Matrix you will see many fictional characters, like Neo, Morpheus, Agent Smith, Trinity and many more. In addition to cyberpunk, martial arts films, action, and adventure movies will also be featured in the movie.


The Social Network

The Social Network is an American biographical drama film directed by David Fincher. Ben Mezrich is the inspiration of the film The Accidental Billionaires. This is not a straight-to-the-point hacker film; rather, it is based on Mark Zuckerberg’s programming abilities and the early days of Facebook. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg as “Mark Zuckerberg”, Joseph Mazzello as “Dustin Moskovitz”, Andrew Garfield as “Eduardo Saverin” and many others. The film is a real life and inspirational film that will give you a chance to learn about entrepreneurs as well. The Social Network movie can be viewed on Netflix with Hindi audio.



Snowden is a biographical thriller film directed by Oliver Stone. The film is based on Luke Harding’s The Snowden Files and Anatoly Kucherena’s Time of the Octopus. The story of the film is based on the NSA whistleblower and his revelations about global surveillance programs. The movie is an authentic, complex, gripping spy story and drama. The film’s cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “Edward Snowden”, Shailene Woodley as “Lindsay Mills”, Melissa Leo as “Laura Poitras”, Timothy Olyphant as “CIA Officer Geneva” and many others. This suspenseful tale follows Edward Snowden from recruit in the Army to disillusioned government analyst determined to expose extensive U.S. surveillance programs.


The Great Hack

The Great Hack is a documentary film directed by Karim Amer, Jehane Noujaim. The movie delves into the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, shedding light on the negative aspects of social media. The thrill following the viewing of the film is overwhelming, as it promises a unique and eye-opening experience. The film stars Carole Cadwalladr, David Carroll, Brittany Kaiser, Ravi Naik, Julian Wheatland, Carole Cadwalladr and many others. The Great Hack movie gained attention upon its release.



Michael Mann directed the action thriller Blackhat, featuring Chris Hemsworth as Nicholas Hathaway, a convicted computer hacker involved in a cybercrime investigation. The film’s narrative In exchange for his freedom, an imprisoned hacker pledges to assist government authorities in locating the terrorist responsible for a nuclear power plant disaster. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis, Ritchie Coster, Holt McCallany, Yorick van Wageningen, Wang Leehom and many others.


Who Am I

Who Am I film is going to be a German techno-thriller film directed by Baran bo Odar. Official plotline of movie, “A young Pastor leads a church in an active city. When a new woman joins his church, he soon learns that her past was one of drugs, racism, rejection, theft and human trafficking. As he helps her, people from her past begin to resurface, and the endeavor to help each of them through personal trials, including teen pregnancy, abortion and suicide.” The film stars Tom Schilling, Elyas M’Barek, Hannah Herzsprung, Wotan Wilke Möhring and many others.


The Takeover

The Takeover Movie is a follow-up on Mel Bandison, an ethical hacker. Bandison hacks a criminal hacker and hands him over to the police. Mel Bandison one day dismantles a high-tech bus and disarms an international criminal network. Mel Bandison is then convicted of murder, and the police also pursue her. The film has a running time of 88 minutes and is available on Netflix in English, Hindi and Dutch. The Takeover film is an action-thriller directed by Annemarie van de Mond. The Takeover movie stars Holly Mae Brood (Mel Bandison), Geza Weisz (Thomas Deen), Frank Lammers (Buddy), Noortje Herlaar (Linde Van), and another notable cast.


Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal is a romantic comedy film directed by Desingh Periyasamy. Official plotline in movie, “Two wily online scammers mend their fraudulent ways after meeting the girls of their dreams — until a deceitful discovery throws their world for a loop.” The film stars Dulquer Salmaan, Ritu Varma, Rakshan, Niranjani Ahathian  and many others. The film is produced by Anto Joseph, Viacom 18 Studios.



Untraceable is an American psychological thriller film directed by Gregory Hoblit. When a brutal killer begins murdering on live stream, teams of FBI agents race to find the killer and find the same one before the next live stream begins. The film stars Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Colin Hanks, Joseph Cross, Mary Beth Hurt and many others. The film is packed with thrills, offering proper entertainment and a gripping sense of suspense.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary marathon of the best hacking movies on Netflix, featuring the top films presented for your viewing pleasure. Begin watching now and experience limitless entertainment! Prepare yourself for an incredible cinematic experience that is about to happen.


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