Best Haryanvi Web Series List | This list includes many web series like akhada, Prem Nagar, Safe House and many more.

We will read about, “This list includes many web series like akhada, Prem Nagar, Safe House and many more.” Haryanvi cinema industry has given many great web series and films.  You will know about Haryanvi Web Series List. Nowadays, fans enjoy all the films and web series sitting at home, Haryanvi and Rajasthani web series can be watched on Stage Ott platform.


Best Haryanvi Web Series List

Akhada Web series

This list includes Akhada Haryanvi web series which has got 8.7 rating on Imdb. Akhada web series is the story of a young wrestler who forces himself to become a wrestler. 6 episodes of Akhara have been released, the series is directed by Ashu Chabra. The web series stars Sandeep Goyat, Megha Sharma, Mohit Nain, Ramesh Bhanwala, Suman Sain, Jitendra Hooda and many others. The series is created and written by Sanjay Sanju Saini.


Chaudhar Web series

Chaudhar web series has a rating of 8.7 on IMDB. The film revolves around the Malik family and the tension that arises when Surja announces that his eldest son will contest the Sarpanch elections. The series is directed & written by Shivraj Goyat and produced by Vinay Singhal. The web series stars Binder Danoda, Ramesh Chahal, Raveena Bisnoi, Geetu Pari, Ishwar Noor, Seema Goyat.


Opri Paraai Web series

Opri Paraai is a horror web series written and directed by Vijeta Dahiya. The story of the film is that the soul of a murdered boy comes inside a married girl to take his revenge. The web series stars Anjvi Singh Hooda, Vijeta Dahiya, Alpana Suhasini, Dharmpal Sehrawat, Vijay Dahiya, Dheeraj Dahiya, Lalit Bhardwaj, Hemlata Rana and many others.


College kaand Web series

College Kaand is a fantastic Haryanvi series, which has got a rating of 8.4 on IMDb. Yashpal Sharma has worked in the film, who has worked in both Bollywood and South Industry, he has also worked in many Haryanvi films. College Kaand is a crime, investigation series, the series cast includes Yashpal Sharma, Mohan Kant, Sandeep Sharma, Mukesh Musafir, Yogesh Bhardwaj, Kuldeep Sharma, Shivam Kabir Sharma, Alpana Suhasini and many more. The series is directed by Rajesh Amarlal Babbar and written by Pravesh Rajput.


Mewat Web series

Mewat is an action, crime web series, which has got 8.3 rating on IMDb. The writer and director of the series is Waris ibn Farooque. Mewat series cast includes Harsh Gehlot, Mannu Pahari, Ritu Kanwat, Ikhlash Ahmed Mor, Pankaj Palwalia, Sika Qureshi, Altaf, Hussain Bilawat, and many other. Official summary of the Mewat Web series, “5 days and 5 fraud reports! This is a dangerous case of Mewat Police. Can avoid online fraud.”


Group-D Web series

Group D web series has got 9.5 rating in IMDb, the web series is directed and written by Rajesh Bhadu. Group-D web series is based on the struggles of a young student. The cast of the web series includes Ashok Kumar, Teji Singh, Ammi Chahar, JD Ballu, Satyavart Arya, Ashish Nehra, Meena Malik and many others. Group D is released in two seasons. The cinematography of the series was done by Shubh Sandhu and editing was done by Gyanesh Sorsg.


Dehleez Web series

Dehleez web series has 9.0 rating, Dehleez is a drama series. The series is directed by Baljinder Reet and written by Virat Marwaha, Ashish Nehra. The cast of the Dehleez web series includes Anjvi Hooda, Keshav Kadian, Nisha Sharma, Ashish Nehra, Geeta Saroha and many others. The series has been produced by Parveen Singhal.

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