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We will read about, “Call Me Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)” Ullu has once again come up with a new content, it will belong to a completely distinct genre of cinema. The Ullu app is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a variety of online series, movies and other content. The platform is known for its exciting twists and turns and new storylines content as well as boldness. The trailer of Call Me Part 1 has been shared on social media. This article covers the cast, release date, storyline, and many others.


Call Me Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)

Web seriesCall Me part 1
Release date5 July 2024
DirectorBhavin Wadia
CastTapati Bera, Pawan Thakur

Priyanka Chaurasia, Shubhangi Sharma will be seen in the lead roles in Call Me Part 1 Ullu web series. The series is scheduled to release on 5th July 2024 on Ullu App. There are many cast and crew members who will be seen in the series. Ullu web series “Call Me” is set to showcase unexpected plot twists, captivating storyline, and romantic drama. Priyanka Chaurasia, a talented actress, delivers an outstanding performance in the series.


Call Me Part 1 Trailer

In the trailer, a husband and wife live in a house. Only the husband and wife along with the mother-in-law and father-in-law live in one room. The wife is seen to be unhappy due to her unfulfilled desires and lust. Tired of her current situation, she considers working outside the home. She is stuck in a hidden call center job where she converses with individuals, sharing their sorrows and making them happy. There is some space between the husband and wife. The web series also features some bold scenes.

Call Me Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)
Image credit: Ullu (Screenshot)

Call Me Part 1 Plot

The story of the film revolves around a unhappy housewife who lives in a joint family but faces barrier from her family due to her love with her husband. The film takes an unexpected turn when she decides to leave home in search of a job and ends up working in a lurking call center.


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