Calling Sahasra Reviews: Sudheer's action thriller opens on the big screen
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Starring Sudhigari Sudheer in the lead role, it is a captivating love story with a twist. Calling Sahasra is a crime thriller. Sudigali Sudheer is a versatile star whose film ‘Galodu’ was a huge success. Sudigali Sudhir is a lead actor in movies and many movies like “Middle Class Abhay”, “Sardar Gabbar Singh”, “Chitrangada”, “Software Sudhir”, “Selfie Raja”, he is also appearing in the movie did well at the box office.


About Calling Sahasra story

Fans also get quite excited by the unexpected twists and turns of the film. The film stars Sudigali Sudhir in the role of Ajay Srivastava, a software engineer. The film also takes a romantic turn when Drisha comes into his life. The most important development in the film occurs when Sim receives a card and receives a mysterious phone call. After watching the film you will know about the film. The story of the film: The mystery behind the unique app, the experiences of turmoil in Ajay Srivastava’s life fill the film with suspense. The biggest thrill of the movie is that you have to watch the movie to know the relationship between Ajay and Saharsa.


About Calling Sahasra Cast

The male lead of the film is Sudigali Sudheer, and the female lead is Dollisha. The main characters in the film include Spandana Palli, Swathi (Dollysha), Ravi (Swai Balaji), a consulting firm owner, and Rajesh (Ravi Kishore), a police officern and many other supporting roles. Sudigali Sudheer has acted in super hit films, his last being ‘Gaalodu’. Sudheer Sudheer is a new or emerging actor, a local talent, or someone associated with a specific regional film or television industry. Sudigali Sudheer’s next film is ‘G.O.A.T.’. Dolly Sha’s last film was The Killer (2021) and her upcoming film is Diamond Raja.


About Calling Sahasra Crew

Calling Sahasra is directed and written by Arun Vikkirala, and produced by Vijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, Venkateshwarulu Katuri. Mohit Rahmaniyak has composed the music.
D.Shashi Kiran has given the cinematography. Editing is by Gary BH and Calling Sahasra film is produced under the Shadow Media Productions and Radha Art banners.


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