Dasara Trio Is Back- The Dasara Combo has returned featuring Nani33Image credit: @NameisNani

We will read about, “Dasara Trio Is Back- The Dasara Combo has returned featuring Nani33.” Nani is all set for an extraordinary performance in his upcoming film. Nani33 film promises an awe-inspiring cinematic journey, immersing you into the enigmatic realm of Nani33 and preparing your mind for pure bliss.


The Dasara Combo has returned featuring Nani33

Nani, a prominent actor, has delivered exceptional films in the realm of cinema. The official announcement of Nani 33 sets the stage for an extraordinary cinematic voyage, where you will embark on a captivating exploration of the marvelous world crafted by Nani 33.

Natural Star Nani, Srikanth Odela, and Sudhakar Cherukuri, the Dussehra trio, will be seen together again. Nani played the lead role in the film Dussehra, directed by Srikanth Odela and produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri. Now they will all be seen together in Nani 33.

While making the official announcement, Nani shared it and wrote the caption, “Dasara turns one year today. On this occasion ..#Nani33 A Srikanth Odela MADNESS again.”

Nani’s Dasara and Hi Nanna film premiered in cinemas in 2023, while Nani’s Saripodhaa Sanivaaram is set to hit theaters in 2024. The release date for Saripodhaa Sanivaaram is confirmed for August 29, 2024. Fans are ecstatic following their viewing of the initial ‘Nani33’ movie poster, anticipating an intense display of violence and bloodshed.


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