Indian women’s team has won gold in the Asian Games Men’s T20I 2023. Now the Men’s Asian Games Men’s T20 2023 will take place from 27 September to 07 October. In whose first match Nepal scored 314 runs after losing 3 wickets. For Nepal batting, Kushal Malla has scored 137 runs in 50 balls. Deependra Singh has completed 50 runs in just 9 balls. In this match, Nepal has won the match by 273 runs.


Yuvraj Singh had the record of fastest fifty in T20, today Deependra Singh Airi has broken this record in Nepal. Deependra Singh has completed this fifty by hitting 8 sixes. Mongolia team was all out on 41.


Fastest Fifty list

Deependra Singh (9 balls)
Yuvraj Singh (12 balls)
Mirza Ahsan (13 balls)
C Munro (14 balls)
R Satheesan (14 balls)
Faisal Khan (15 balls)



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