Dishkiyaoon Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)Image credit: Youtube screenshot

We will read about, “Dishkiyaoon Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)” The Ullu app is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a variety of online series, movies and other content.  Dishkiyaoon is also a highly acclaimed series that people have been eagerly waiting for a long time. Dishkiyaoon will soon be accessible on OTT platforms, ensuring a delightful entertainment experience for you.

We are going to discuss the Dishkiyaoon ott release Date, Dishkiyaoon part 1 trailer, cast including lead actor and actress, Plot and others. “Dhishkiyaoon Part 1 Trailer” is a series full of suspense, romantic drama. The web series trailer appears to be a captivating story.

Dishkiyaoon Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)
Image credit: Youtube screenshot

Dishkiyaoon Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)

Dishkiyaoon OTT Release Date

Get ready for the romantic drama cinematic experience that fans have been waiting for a long time.  Dishkiyaoon web series will be released on Ullu platform on 18th June 2024. The series is set to feature numerous unexpected twists and turns, love, fights and conflicts. Dishkiyaoon is scheduled to release a total of 6 episodes. The anticipation, hype, and excitement surrounding it are reaching a fever pitch. On the Ullu platform, the two series ‘Purani Haveli-Part 1 & 2’ and ‘Kasturi-Part 2’ are being released simultaneously.


Dishkiyaoon Web Series Details

Web SeriesDishkiyaoon (2024)
Lead CastLucky Saini, Jonita D’Cruz
GenreRomantic drama, fanstasy
OTT PlatformUllu
Release Date:18 June 2024


Dishkiyaoon Web Series Details

The series stars Lucky Saini, Jonita D’Cruz, Deepak Dutt Sharma, Rani Pari. The series will feature brilliant performances from wonderful actors, and a story that will attract the audience. Sonia (played by Jonita D’Cruz), Bhupendra (played by Deepika Dutt Sharma), bodyguard Lucky Saini, and the rich wife (played by Rani Pari) are all characters in the web series.

In the upcoming episode of Ullu web series Love Bite-Part 1 in the series is going to release on OTT. Jonita D’Cruz is seen in the lead role in the series, having previously appeared in Infinite Vasna (2023), Thand Ka Mazaa (2024) and Jaal (2024).


Dishkiyaoon Part 1 Trailer


Dishkiyaoon Web Series Plot

The story of the film revolves around a newly married groom whose wife starts having an extramarital affair with other people. The groom will encounter challenges posed by his own family members. The newly married woman comes into the center of culture and tradition. YouTube description of Web series, “Ankhon mein Kisi ka khawb Hai Aur Bahoo Main koi aur hai Sajh raha Hai Sehra Dulhe ka Lekin Dulhan koi aur hai”. The web series will showcase family dynamics, loyalty, and greed.

Dishkiyaoon Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release (2024)
Image credit: Youtube screenshot

Dishkiyaoon web series promises multiple themes, a compelling plot, stellar cast, amazing performances and unexpected twists. Get ready for a mix of romantic and thill, and it is going to be an extraordinary viewing. In the web series, you are going to see not only lust romance and bold content but also a thriller spin chilling experience.


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