Fascinating speculation surrounding Vijay's salary for Thalapathy 69 has caught attentionimage credit: @actorvijay

We will read about, “Fascinating speculation surrounding Vijay’s salary for Thalapathy 69 has caught attention.” Thalapathy Vijay, a renowned superstar, has an impressive filmography with Thalapathy 69 being his 69th film. It is noteworthy that Vijay is set to embark on a political journey with his upcoming project, Thalapathy 69. The highly anticipated film, titled The Greatest of All Time, has garnered immense excitement among fans who eagerly await its release.

Thalapathy 69 has aroused a lot of excitement among fans, and it is considered one of the most anticipated films. Fans are buzzing with excitement and expectation for the flick. Today, there is a talk on social media about Vijay, who has received a compensation of Rs 250 crore for his next film Thalapathy69. This information has not been confirmed yet.


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