Fast Charlie is a highly anticipated movie in India, known for its thrilling action-packed scenes. The film is an adaptation of Victor Gishler’s Gun Monkeys. Panorama Studio has unveiled the trailer and shared details about the movie. The craze, discussion and excitement about the Fast Charlie film is increasing in the minds of fans.

The director of the film is Phillip Noyce, produced by Ryan Donnell Smith, Brent C. Johnson, Jeff Holland, Daniel Grodnik, Mitchell Welch under the banner Ashland Hill Media Finance, Thomasville Pictures. This update of the film is increasing the curiosity of fans; Interest is at an all-time high.

“Charlie Swift is a fixer with a problem: the target he’s whacked is missing his head and the only way Charlie will be paid is if the body can be identified. Enter Marcie Kramer, the victim’s ex-wife and a woman with all the skills Charlie needs.”, Official plotline of the movie.

The film stars Pierce Brosnan “Charlie Swift”, Morena Baccarin “Marcie Kramer”, James Caan “Stan Mullen”, Gbenga Akinnagbe “Beggar”, Christopher Matthew Cook “Lloyd “The Freak” Mercury”, David Chattam “Milt”, Toby Huss “Benny”, Fredric Lehne “Sal” and other notable cast. Prepare to embark on a captivating storyine and immerse yourself in an extraordinary cinematic adventure.


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