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The story of the film is based on a unique concept, the craze for ‘Gaami film’ increased manifold in the minds of the lovers. Gaami is an epic adventure drama starring Vishwak Sen in a stellar role. Gaami film has a unique concept, a brilliantly captive storyline, brilliant cinematography that is going to draw you towards the theatre. After the shock of many movies, a big box office movie is coming out.


Gaami Box Office Collection Report

Day 1

Rs 4 cr


Day 2

Rs 3 cr


Day 3

Rs 2.08 cr


Day 4

Rs 0.78 cr


Day 5

Rs 0.75 cr


Day 6

Rs 0.55 cr


Day 7

Rs 0.55 cr


Day 8

Rs 0.15 cr


Day 9

Rs 0.21 cr


Day 10

Rs 0.24 cr


Day 11

Rs 0.14 cr


Day 12

Rs 0.13 cr


Day 13

Rs 0.14 cr


Day 14

Rs 0.37 Crore


Day 15

Rs 0.02 crore


Day 16

Rs 0.02 crore


Day 17

Rs 0.02 crore


Day 18

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 19 

Rs 0.02 cr


Day 20

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 21

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 22

Rs 0 cr


Gaami India’s Net Box Office Collection

Rs  13.42 cr


Gaami Worldwide box office collection

Rs 19.23 cr


Gaami Budget

Rs 20-24 cr


Gaami Trailer


About Gaami

The film is directed by Vidyadhar Kagita and written by Vidyadhar Kagita, Pratyush Vatyam. The film was produced by Karthik Sabreesh, Swetha Morvaneni under the banner of Karthik Kult Kreations, V Celluloid. The lead actors in the film are Vishwak Sen, Chandni Chaudhary, Abhinay, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada and many others. The cinematography of the film is done by Vishwanath Reddy Chelumalla, Rampi Nandigam and the editor is Raghavendra Thirun.


Disclaimer: Box Office information is aggregated from several sources. We try our best to confirm and provide you with accurate information. However, we disclaim all liability about the veracity of this information.


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