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We will read about, “Gabru Gang Teaser is out now” The film Gabru Gang is going to draw you to the theater with its unique concept with a brilliant captive storyline. There is increasing buzz, craze and excitement in the minds of fans regarding Gabru Gang Teaser.


Gabru Gang Teaser review

Gabru Gang is going to be a fantastic indian family-drama, sports movie. For the first time, you get to see the kite fight in the film, which fans are eagerly waiting for. Gabru Gang film has an engaging story, lots of emotions and a message, focussed on kite competition, stunning cinematography.

Gabru Gang Teaser is being loved a lot and fans are giving positive comments and feedback. You’ll get to explore 57 seconds of an incredible cinematic universe in the Gabru Gang Teaser. The film’s soundtrack, characters, dialogues, kite flying sport and conceptual drama will attract audiences to the theatres.

The film’s teaser was shared by Panorama Studios on social networks and wrote, “Gabru Gang, the journey of a 8 year old boy who goes on to become the number one kite flyer of India.” Get ready to lose yourself in the magic of classic movies as several eagerly awaited movies are arriving in theatres.

The film is directed & written by Sameer Khan and music is given by Usman Khan, Manj Music, Abhinav R Kaushik, Sandeep Nath. The film stars Abhishek Duhaan, Srishti Rode, Avtar Gill, Aarti Puri, Abhilash Kumar, Mukesh Bhatt. The film has been produced by Ashok Goenka, Aarti Puri, Sameer Khan and Vivek Sinha. Cinematography is by Sunil Patel, Shaailesh Awasthi and editor is Sameer Khan, Atit Jaideo.


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