The release date of the fifth installment of the Housefull series, Housefull 5, has been announced. Akshay Kumar is one of India’s top comedy stars with the best comedic timing. Get ready to laugh in 2025, everyone. Housefull 5 release date has been announced today. Akshay Kumar is back to make you laugh and make you sit on the edge of your seat. The film often combines slapstick humor, exaggerated situations, and comedic timing, aiming to entertain audiences with laughs and lighthearted storytelling.

Housefull 5 Release Date Announcement

Nadiadwala Grandson today announced the official release date of Housefull 5 is 6th June 2025.
Nadiadwala Grandson official statement in social media (X), “The Housefull franchise owes its massive success to the audiences, and we hope for a similar reception from Housefull 5. The team has crafted an absolutely mind-blowing story that demands top-notch VFX. Therefore, we’ve made the decision to push the release to endure we deliver five times the entertainment with great cinematic experience.” There seems to be a positive response and enthusiasm from fans. The series includes a series of films that usually revolve around chaotic situations, misunderstandings, and comedic incidents that occur within a large ensemble cast.


Akshay Kumar tweet (X), “5 times the entertainment is on its way! See you in cinemas on 6th June, 2025 💥 #SajidNadiadwala’s #Housefull5 Directed by @Tarunmansukhani”. Ritesh Deshmukh also released this statement on social media. His last four episodes of Housefull 5 were a super hit and a huge hit, and the last film of Housefull was also a huge hit. The storylines in Housefull are all different from each other, but they never lack the comedic essence.


Housefull 5 Cast and Crew

The cast of Housefull 5 includes Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, all from the franchise. According to IMDb, the film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Hegde, Kriti Sanon, Kriti Kharbanda, Dharmendra, Arjun Rampal. Tarun Mansukhani is the director of Housefull 5. The script of the film is written by sajid nadiadwala. Production of the film is done under the banner of Sajid nadiadwala grandson entertainment. The comedies in the “Housefull” series are well-known for their irreverent humor, fun acting, and chaotic yet comical plots.


Housefull 5 Release Date Announcement: What Fans Can Expect update

One twitter user tweet (X), “All the Neutrals are asking for #HeraPheri3 in #Housefull5 comment section Just wait for the Announcement of #HeraPheri3 cyclone will come in whole India #AkshayKumar has the Best Franchises ever ” and other user tweet, “#AkshayKumar & #RiteshDeshmukh Starrer #Housefull5 is Now arriving in 2025 on June 6th..! Its Offcial Now💥
@NGEMovies reveal new release date.”

“Arush, Sunny, Sandy, Sundi, Harry & Bala, now what? Ishbar kaya nam hoga, dekhne ke liye 6 june 2025 tak bechani. And also Blockbuster Loading  One of biggest comedy film #Housefull5 new release date of 06.06.2025”, Posted by a Twitter user named Sukanta Khiladi. Nitesh Naveen tweet, “Not something you didn’t know but its official now. Magnum Opus #Housefull5 is POSTPONED to 2025!! Was scheduled to release in #Diwali 2024 but now it’ll release on 6th June 2025! #AkshayKumar”. Firstly, it can be expected that Housefull 5 will be released on November, 2024 at the time of Diwali but today the release date of Housefull 5 will be on 6th June 2025.


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