WTC 2023 News Update: New rules apply on WTC 2023

ICC announces three new changes to play ahead of WTC 23 Finals

The ICC Men’s Cricket Committee has changed many rules in cricket. The new ICC rules will also apply to England and Ireland from 1 June. The Women’s Cricket Committee has also supported it.


ICC Men’s Cricket Committee

Chair:- Sourav Ganguly

Past Players:- Mahela Jayawardena, Roger Harper

Representatives of current players:- Daniel Vettori, VVS Laxman

Full Member’s representative:- Jay Shah

Full Member team coach representative:- Gary Stead

Umpires’ representative:- Joel Wilson

ICC Chief Referee:- Ranjan Madugalle

Marylebone Cricket Club representative:- Jamie Cox

Media Representative:- Shaun Pollock

Associate representative:- Kyle Coetzer

Statistician:- David Kendix

Committee Secretary:- Clive Hitchcock

ICC Women’s Cricket Committee

Chair:- Clare Connor

Full Member Representatives:- Catherine Campbell, Tania Mallick

CEC Representatives:- Warren Deutrom, Jonathan Grave


Runs off a Free HitΒ 

In a free hit, if the ball hits a stump and flies, the batter can run. It was like that in last year’s T20 World Cup final against India and Pakistan.

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Soft signal

If the referee is required to make a decision before deferring the decision to the third umpire. This rule has since been abolished. Before TV umpire makes a decision, he may consult TV Empire and shall not issue any signals.



A helmet is mandatory. Wicketkeepers and fielders who stand close to batsmen are obliged to wear helmets. The batsman is also wearing a helmet in front of the fast bowler.

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