ICC takes strict action against Indian Women Captain Harmanpreet Kaur

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India Women was from Bangladesh tour whose Bangladesh Women vs. India Women, 3rd ODI match saw Harmanpreet Kaur very angry at many times. This inning was going in India’s favor, but she was lbw by Nahida Akter. Unable to accept the referee’s decision, he hit the stump with a bat out of frustration. Commentators also provided feedback on this, and many older players provided feedback on it as well.


The decision of the match: This match has become a tie, the ODI series has also become a tie. After the match, also in the second match, they openly talked about the umpire. We had also expressed anger on the umpire’s decision in sarcasm from a date. Harmanpreet Kaur told Bangladeshi Nigar Sultana during the photograph to forget the umpire too as he influenced Bangladesh’s victory. Nigar Sultana and her team leave from there. ICC fined Harmanpreet Kaur 75% match fee and added 3 demerit points to her record.


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