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J.Baby is a Tamil language drama film, which was released in theaters on 8 March. There has been positive feedback and positive word of mouth from fans. J.Baby film has a unique concept, a brilliantly captive storyline, brilliant cinematography that is going to draw you towards the theatre.


J.Baby Box office collection

Day 1

Rs 0.08 cr


Day 2

Rs 0.22 cr


Day 3

Rs 0.22 cr


Day 4

Rs 0.08 cr


Day 5

Rs 0.11 cr


Day 6

Rs 0.15 cr


Day 7

Rs 0.15 cr


Day 8

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 9

Rs 0.02 cr


Day 10

Rs 0.03 cr


Day 11

Rs 0.02 cr


Day 12

Rs 0.02 cr


Day 13

Rs 0.02 crore


Day 14

Rs 0.02 Crore


Day 15

Rs 0.01 crore


Day 16

Rs 0.01 crore


Day 17

Rs 0.01 crore


Day 18

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 19 

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 20

Rs 0.01 cr


Day 21

Rs 0 cr


J.Baby India’s Net Box Office Collection

Rs  1.21 cr


J.Baby Worldwide box office collection

Rs 1.37 cr


J.Baby Budget



J.Baby Trailer


J.Baby Plot

After an Volatile mother leaves the family, two brothers who never see eye to eye set out to find their mother. The story of the film was a unique story, based on different issues.


About J. Baby

The film is written and directed by Suresh Mari and music is composed by Tony Britto. The film is produced by Pa.Ranjeet, Abhayanand Singh, Piyush Singh, Saurabh Gupta, Aditi Anand, Ashwini Chaudhary under the banner of Neelam Productions, Vistas Media, Neelam Studios. The film stars Dinesh, Urvasi, Maran, Kavitha Bharathy, Jaya Murthy, Shegar Narayanan, Ezhumalai, Dhaksha,  and many others. The cinematography is by Jayanth Sethu Mathavan and the editor is Shanmugam Velusamy.


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