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We will read about, “Kaun Man Part 1 Ullu Release Date, Cast and others.” Ullu has once again come up with a new storyline and another exciting web series. The trailer of the Kaun Man Part 1 series has been shared on social media. The Ullu app is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a variety of online series, movies and other content. Ullu’s forthcoming web series, Kaun Man Part 1, was anticipated to possess a blend of romance and boldness.


Kaun Man Part 1 Ullu Release Date, Cast

Web SeriesKaun Man Part 1
Release Date2 July 2024
Cast Muskaan Agarwal

The upcoming Kaun – Man Part 1 Ullu Web Series will showcase artificial affection, romanticism, audacity, and unethical behavior. The initial segment of Kaun Mann will consist of the release of three episodes. The fresh narrative of the series promises to be both captivating and catchy. The series is scheduled to release on 2 July 2024 on Ullu App. The lead actors in the series were Jonita D’Cruz, Muskaan Agarwal.


Kaun Man Part 1 Plot

The stories of the series revolve around two homosexual girls who are blackmailed by an immoral man by showing them their video clips. In the Kaun Man Part 1  web series, Radhika, Sonali, and Dev will have a unique love triangle, and there will be an unexpected and dark twist.


Kaun Man Part 1 Trailer

In the trailer, Dev, an immoral man, fakes love with attractive girls and records secret videos of them and then demands money from them. He has done this with 30 girls, but when he meets a beautiful girl named Radhika. Dev blackmails Radhika to expose her homosexuality to her father if she refuses to marry him. When Radhika’s sister and Dev have an encounter, Dev is shocked reaction. This twist will be known after watching the show on July 2.


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