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We will read about, “Kaun Man Part 2 Ullu Web Series (2024) Cast, Release Date.” Various categories of web series are being released on Ullu, and fans are eagerly anticipating their arrival. Numerous new web series are being launched regularly, with the latest one, Kaun Man Part 1, scheduled for release on 2nd July. Ullu’s forthcoming web series, Kaun Man Part 2, was anticipated to possess a blend of romance and boldness.


Kaun Man Part 2 Ullu Release Date, Cast

Web SeriesKaun Man Part 2
Release Date9 July 2024
CastTapti, Muskaan Agarwal
DirectorFahad Kashmiri

Kaun Mann Part 2 Directed by Fahad Kashmiri, the series stars Tapti (Shobha), Muskaan Agarwal (Radhika), Leena Singh (Sonali), Anupam Ghouai (Radhika’s father). The series is scheduled to release on 9 July 2024, with the first part releasing on 2 July 2024. The web series promises blend of romance, an interesting plot that is both intriguing and captivating.


Kaun Man Part 2 Plot

The stories of the series revolve around two homosexual girls who are blackmailed by an immoral man by showing them their video clips. In the Kaun Man Part 1  web series, Radhika, Sonali, and Dev will have a unique love triangle, and there will be an unexpected and dark twist.


Kaun Man Part 2 Trailer


The second trailer opens with the introduction of Dev to Radhika’s sister Tapti (Shobha). The trailer depicts a love triangle involving Dev, Radhika, and Shobha. In the series, it appears that there is a history between Dev and Shobha. The series portrays a romantic relationship between Lina Singh (Sonali) and Dev. The Kaun Man Part 2 web series is filled with numerous unexpected twists and turns.


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