We will read about “Yash19 is titled Toxic” in this article. After the success of KGF franchise, Yash is getting ready to set the theaters on fire again. The ongoing rumors of Yash 19 have been ended today and the title and release date of Yash 19 have been revealed. Today, the makers released the video on social media and fans are very excited after all the announcements.


Yash19 is titled Toxic- A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups

Yash19 working title whose update fans are eagerly waiting for, rumor was going on that an update of Yash19 may come this month. Today the makers of Yash19 have announced the title and release date of the film by releasing a video. Yash19 is titled Toxic, with the tagline “A fairy tale for grown-ups”. KVN Productions tweet, “‘What you seek is seeking you’ – Rumi A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups”. If the name is Toxic then it can be guessed that there will be no dearth of action in the film.


Yash19 Release date

The release date in the video is Yash19 with the title being 10th April 2024. The release date of KGF franchise KGF 3 is not confirmed yet and if it is estimated then it can be released in theaters only in the last month of 2025. There may also be some update on the fifth anniversary on 21st December 2023. KGF franchise is an all-time Blockbuster movie and KGF chapter was released in 2022.


Toxic- A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups Video explain

There’s a lot of menace in Toxic’s video and the cartoon music that accompanies it sets it right. In the beginning of the video, several cards like Joker burst into flames.Then the actor’s look has been revealed, at the end when the actor’s appearance changes, he is standing with a pistol on his shoulder and smoking a cigar. We can hope that Yash19 is a high budget film. Fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the title of the film and the tile has been revealed. The title of the film is getting positive reviews on social media.


About Toxic

The writer and director of the film Toxic is Geetu Mohandas. The film was produced by Venkat K Narayan and Yash under KVN Productions and Monster Mind Creations. According to ImDb, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sai Pallavi, Sanyukta Menon, Dhananjay are part of the film. Charan Raj has given the music. If we talk about rumours, then 3 female lead roles will be seen in Toxic but there is no confirmation yet. He has a huge fan following in India. Yash has fans all over the world, it is very strong and we can think that KGF Chapter 1, KGF Chapter 2 have been big blockbusters.


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