Kora Kagazz


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Star-cast: Rajat Kapoor, Swastika Mukherjee, Aishani Yadav

Director: Nawneet Ranjan

Production Company: Mingle N Jingle

Writer: Donna Laemmlen, Nawneet RanjanProduced by: Zarna Somaia, Anil Somaia, Malti Lal, Radha Raman Lal, Donna Laemmlen, Nawneet Ranjan

Release date: 25 November 2022

Kora Kagazz Movie is a Hindi Language Drama, Entertainment Movie. Kora Kagazz Movie Starring is Rajat Kapoor, Swastik Mukherjee. The production company is doing Mingle N Jingle. Platoons is the distributor of this movie. This movie Vivek he is an actor and a work ahead girl and her past life is related to something.


Kora Kagazz movie is14 years old girl. Due to crop failure in the village, he started living in Mumbai. The movie is revolving around that. Otherwise, only after watching the movie will you know what will happen in the movie. Trailer has unique concept but only contentfull movie.


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Donna Laemmlein, Nawneet RanjanProduced by: Zarna Somaia, Anil Somaia, Malti Lal, Radha Raman Lal, Donna                       Laemmlen, Nawneet Ranjan gets the credit for writing the story of this movie. Movie will release on 25 November 2022.


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