Leo Box Office Collection in 9 days Update
Image credit: @7screenstudio

Leo movie has made a box office collection of Rs 8.9 crore on its eighth day and has a Telugu occupancy of 27.92%. Leo will have an office collection of Rs 7-8 crores on the day of its 9th day. Leo made India net box office collection of ₹271.25-272 crore in its 9 days. Leo’s India gross box office collection figure has dropped significantly to Rs 310.80 crore. Leo’s worldwide box office collection is up to ₹476.80 crore.

It is expected that today’s world wide box office collection of Leo can go up to Rs 500 crore. Leo is still rocking the theatre. Well, the film Iraivan, Chandramukhi 2 is going to be released on OTT this week. Still, Leo is seen winning in the clashes of many films like tejas, Ganapath, and many more.


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