Leo Worldwide Box Office Collection update
Image credit: @7screenstudio

The film Leo is on the verge of exceeding its budget and at the speed with which leo movie is running at the box office, Leo is on the verge of becoming a blockbuster. Leo film has crossed the figure of Rs 206.40 crore in its five days. Leo has 71% overall Tamil occupancy. The 4 day gross collection of Leo in India has reached Rs 213 crore and the worldwide box office collection of Leo in 4 days has reached Rs 363.40 crore. It is expected that today the box office collection will easily reach 400 crores.

  • Day 1- Rs 64.8 cr
  • Day 2- Rs 35.25 cr
  • Day 3- Rs 39.8 cr
  • Day 4- Rs 41.55 cr
  • Day 5- Rs 25.00-27-cr (nearly)


A five-day film can get good collections because the festival is going on and now the festival time is going on, which will definitely benefit the box office collection of the film.


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