The teaser for Maa Kaali was revealed on July 4th, 2023Image credit: @VijayYelakanti

We will read about, “The teaser for Maa Kaali was revealed on July 4th, 2024.” The teaser of the film will be released on 4th July 2024, the release date of the film has not been confirmed yet. The movie Maa Kaali is a nationwide production, with its initial promotional poster now unveiled. The film is going to be released across India in Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. The film is set in the backdrop of pre-partition Bengal.

People Media Factory and Vijay Yelakanti have joined hands for Maa Kaali, the narration of which is based on true events. People Media Factory shared it on social media and wrote, “A History Erased! A Present Oppressed! And a Future Endangered. Welcome to Bengal (1946-Present) The ~ERASED~ SAGA of the massacres of #DirectActionDay to the continued persecution of Hindus till today, #MaaKaali IN CINEMAS Soon! Teaser out on 4 July 2024 #AllEyesOnBengal.”

The teaser for Maa Kaali was revealed on July 4th, 2023
Image credit: @VijayYelakanti

After the announcement of the teaser, there is a lot of excitement and buzz among the fans. The film’s narrative is centered around the tragic events of the massacre that occurred during Direct Action Day on 16 August 1946. The primary objective of this day was to establish a distinct Muslim nation, but it resulted in widespread communal violence.

The film stars Raima Sen and Abhishek Singh in lead roles. Raima Sen is going to be seen in the lead role after a long time. Acharya Venu has done the cinematography and Kiran Ganti has done the editing. The film is Written & Directed by Vijay Yelakanti, Produced by TG Vishwa Prasad under people media factory.Β The music has been composed by Anurag Halder.


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