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We will read about, “Main Ladega Trailer Out Now” Main Ladega is a much-anticipated and long-awaited movie that has been grabbing the spotlight in the news.

You are in for an exceptional cinematic journey under the stars. The film has garnered immense anticipation from its fans. As per the filmmaker, the movie is inspired by a real-life event and promises to deliver an enthralling boxing drama within a concise duration of 2 minutes and 34 seconds. Main Ladega portrays a compelling narrative of a boxer’s relentless struggle to shield his mother from his father. The theatrical release of this impactful film is slated for 26th April 2024.

The film is directed by Gaurav Rana and written by Akash Pratap Singh. The film stars Akash Pratap Singh, Gandharv Dewan, Vallari Viraj, Ashwath Bhatt and many others. The film is produced Akshay Bhagwanji, Pinakin Bhakta under the banner Kathakaar Films. The film’s music is composed by Mukund Suryavanshi (Jam8), Gibson George (Jam8), Akshay Menon and BGM is composed by Wilfred Soz, Neeraj Vishwakarma (Jam8). Cinematography is done by Lucky Yadav and editing by Satya Sharma.


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