Munjya Review: Munjya is an unexpectedly excellent horror comedy movie.Image credit: @MaddockFilms

We will read about, “Munjya Review: Munjya is an unexpectedly excellent horror comedy movie.” Horror movies have remained a beloved genre for decades, providing audiences with excitement, terror, and tension. The Munjya film has been released in theaters today, and fans are eagerly waiting for it.


Munjya Review

This movie is an eagerly anticipated comedy horror film. Following the success of Stree, Stree has collaborated with Dinesh Vijan once again for consecutive films, and subsequently, she has now released a new film titled Munjya. After a boy named Goya transforms into a monster, Bittu becomes his carrier. The story of the film is set in a seaside village in Konkan, where a teenager falls in love with an older girl who dies soon after their sacred thread ceremony, following which he becomes a demon.

She wanders in search of the perfect person to fulfill her unfulfilled desire of marriage. Bittu (Abhay Verma), an employee at a salon, along with Pammi (Mona Singh) and his friend and love interest Bela (Sharvari), enters the scene. Bittu experiences terrifying nightmares in which he hears eerie voices emanating from the Peepal tree, where Munjya resides. He decides to visit his ancestral village with his family and learns his family history.

Bittu gets caught in Munjya’s trap and his life takes a twist. Bittu gets some tips from Grandmother (Suhas Joshi) to save himself. He tries to get rid of Munjya with the help of his friends Diljit (Taran Singh) and Kareem Elvis (S Sathyaraj). The film offers a mix of superficial humor with twists and turns, supernatural or horror, child demon-cum-monster. Following the success of Stree, Stree has collaborated with Dinesh Vijan once again for consecutive films, and subsequently, she has now released a new film titled Munjya.

The film also has a wonderful cameo appearance by Varun Dhawan as Bhediya. Munjya is also a part of the Maddock Supernatural universe. Now curiosity is increasing for the next part of the Maddock Supernatural universe as to what is going to happen in it. In Dinesh Vijan’s horror-comedy universe, you will get a flavor of horror and comedy alike, which often revolves around a central supernatural or paranormal theme. The first half of the film was fast-paced and the second half was good.

The film will compel you to go to the movies and keep you hooked to your seat. Sharvari “Bela” and Abhay Verma “Bittu” have a terrific chemistry in the flick. This is the first time a CGI character has been used. Munjya is a horror genre film, after watching which the curiosity for its upcoming installment has increased.

Munjya Review: Munjya is an unexpectedly excellent horror comedy movie.
Image credit: @MaddockFilms

Munjya Review in twitter

A netizen praised the film, another X user wrote, “#Munjya is exactly what you’d expect from the Stree Universe. Not exceptional, but a decent, fun watch. It follows the same template as that universe and works well once again. The VFX should be appreciated, and the character design of Munjya is fantastic 🔥. This universe is a masterpiece of an idea that connects local folklores to a larger cinematic universe. I’m excited for the future.”

“#Munjya ka direction bhi bahut hi kamal ka hai. Har scene ko itne beautifully present kiya gaya hai. Movie lovers ke liye yeh film must-watch hai!”, wrote a user.

One X user wrote,”#munjya is what we were dying for since a really long time. A good horror comedy. I had a blast watching this one. The cast, the story, the VFX all works out really well. Don’t miss out this one.”

Another X user wrote,”Still thinking about #Munjya’s ending! Talk about leaving you on the edge of your seat. This film knows how to keep you guessing until the very end. Bravo!”

Nishit Shaw gave a review of the movie, wrote, “#Munjya is an ENTERTAINER. Absolutely loved the simplicity and the setting. The cast is simply phenomenal. It is their fabulous work that makes the film enjoyable. The first half is a package of drama, comedy & of course- the spine chilling moments. #MunjyaReview

#Sharvari emerges as a star-performer, her performance is outstanding. #AbhayVerma is flawless & has nailed his act. #TaranSingh adds to the humour and leaves his mark for sure! The entire ensemble including #MonaSingh is literally at its best. It is the acting, the expressions & the dialogue delivery of the entire cast that makes the film really entertaining.

Special mention to the background score & the cinematography, both are outstanding. Director #AdityaSarpotdar gets it right by amalgamating the drama and comedy & horror aspect. The first half is good and the second half somehow does not add much but again, remains fun to watch. The second half was stretched to some extent but it has its strong moments too.

The first half sets expectations high in terms of the plot but the second half continues it rather than introducing something new. Presence of smaller conflicts or sub-plots would’ve made the second half solid and it would have been an easy 4/5. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable film that deserves a watch at the theatres.”

Munjya Review: Munjya is an unexpectedly excellent horror comedy movie.
Image credit: @MaddockFilms

About Munjya

The film is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar, written by Yogesh Chandekar. The film is produced by Dinesh Vijan, Amar Kaushik under Maddock Films. Cinematography is by Saurabh Goswami and editing is by Monisha R. Baldawa. The music in the film is composed by Sachin-Jigar. The film stars Sharvari, Abhay Verma, Mona Singh, S. Sathyaraj and many others.


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