New Ullu Web Series release date in 2023

New Ullu Web Series release date in 2023

The Ullu app is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a variety of online series, movies and other content. The platform has gained popularity for its adult content, which includes romantic and erotic genres. Many famous web series have been released in the Ullu app. The Ullu app is primarily targeted towards adult audiences and is known for its bold and explicit content.


Rain Basera Web Series

Director:- Pradeep Goinsikar

Writer:- Afzal Razvi

Release Date:- April 7, 2023

Episodes:- 9

Stars: Bharti Jha, Hiral Radadiya, Litesh Pawar, Raj Kapoor, Kailash Vyas, Mukesh Yadav


“Deepa and her husband are small time crooks, who make a living out of selling stolen and smuggled goods in the village. Deepa’s life changes drastically when she falls for a guy from the city.”



Director:- Sachin Agarwal

Writer:- Manish Ramraj

Producer:- Priyanka Khan, Brijesh Singh

Episodes:- 9

Release Date:- January 31, 2023

Star-Cast:- Divyendra Singh, Abhiraj Singh, Vishesh Arora, Taniya Chaterjee, Arita Paul


“Amit is a newly appointed watchman in an elite, high class building. He is enamored by the beauties residing in the society, and fancies his chances with 3 women, who he is most infatuated about. Amit schemes a very devious plan in order to seduce those women into his lustful trap.”


Khalish Web Series

Director:- Bhomik Gaikwad

Release Date:- May 26, 2023

Episodes:- 3

Producer:- Bhanu Suryam Thakur, Priya Gamre, Aliya Naaz, Lucky Saini, Ayushi Bowmick


“A newlywed daughter in law, finds out that her mother in law is longing the touch of her long lost, dead husband. She ventures into a mission to act as a wingman to her mother in law, and she lays down a scheme to entrap her mother in law’s love interest.”


Khidki Web Series

Director:- Raifee

Cast:- Neha Gupta, Ruks Khandagale, Faran A. Ansari

Release Date:- February 24, 2023

Producer:- Vibhu Agarwal

Production Company & Distributors:- Ullu App


” While going home from college, a young guy catches a glimpse of a couple getting intimate and it turns him on and in turn he gets physical with his maid, which starts a domino effect and the enraged sexual libido spreads like a contagious viral through various couples and like a wildfire, it smolders everyone in it’s sexual desires.”


Imli Web Series

Director:- Punit Goyal

Release Date:- January 17, 2023

Episodes:- 1

Cast:- Nehal Vadoliya, Basant Kumar, Vivek Tripathi, Rajesh Jaiswarr


“Imli arrives in the city along with Raju, with dreams of becoming a famous dancer but soon Raju is caught by the police and taken away. Alone, Imli tries to stay in a big city all by herself when few people try to take advantage of her. The local vendor, Gulaab chacha offers her shelter in his house.”


Dream Girl Web Series

Director:- Raifee

Release date:- May 16, 2023

Cast:- Bharti Jha, Pooja Poddar, Faran A. Ansari, Himanshu Sharma


“Rani, a young, happy go lucky girl finds herself in the middle of an adventure, when she stumbles upon a magical book, where every night upon reading it, Rani fantasies about different person each night sexually. Rani, now finds herself on crossroads, whether to destroy or cherish the book that fulfills her fantasies.”


The web series in Ullu is only for 18+ people. The Ullu app is built on a subscription-based model, allowing users to purchase a subscription to access the platform’s content library. The subscription to watch web series in Ullu is 1 year Rs 450, 4 months subscription Rs 297, 1 month subscription Rs 180 and 10 days subscription Rs 99. Once subscribed, users can stream and watch the available content on their smartphones, tablets, or other compatible devices.


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