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We will read about, “Pottel movie Release date, Cast & Crew, OTT and other” Pottel is a much-awaited film, which fans are eagerly waiting for. Industry’s hit director Sandeep Vanga was present at the teaser launch of Pottel. Pottel movie is an eagerly awaited and captivating film that will immerse you in action. The preview of Pottel is truly remarkable, promising an exceptional experience for cinema enthusiasts. Pottel Film is a captivating entertainer that guarantees a unique cinematic journey. Audiences will relish in the exceptional performances delivered by the actors, encompassing mesmerizing acts and thrilling action sequences.


Pottel movie Release date, Cast & Crew, OTT and other

Pottel Movie Cast

The film stars Yuva Chandra Krishna, Ananya Nagalla, Ajay, Noel, Priyanka Sharma and many others. Ananya Nagalla, a leading star in the Telugu film industry, is also in the cast, having previously appeared in Tantra. The film is also a hit, thanks to its excellent cast and outstanding performances. Pottel film, has gained significant attention in recent times.

Pottel Movie Crew

The director & writer of the film is Sahit Mothkhuri, Produced by Nishank Reddy Kudithi, Suresh Kumar Sadige under Nisa Entertainments, Pragnya Sannidhi Creations and Sahitmothkhuriwritingss. The film’s cinematography is by Monish Bhupathi Raju and editing is by Karthika Srinivas R. The teaser and songs of Pottel movie are getting millions of views.


Pottel Movie Plotline

Set in a remote Telangana village, the film follows the inspiring journey of Gangadhar, a devoted father and guardian of a sacred sheep, whose goal is to secure a bright future for his daughter through education . The movie will give importance to culture and traditions in Telangana rural parts.


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