We will read in the section “Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe Movies list”. These attempts to create a cinematic universe in India may not be as clearly organized and complex as Hollywood’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they tend to weave stories, characters and settings across multiple films. Nowadays fans like the universe very much, due to which the excitement increases.



Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe Movies List

Prashant Verma has created a larger-than-life cinematic universe. Indian superhero film will be made under Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe. Great storyline, action and connection of many films with each other in the universe will increase the excitement and goosebumps in the minds of the fans. Fans will get a chance to watch the new film and still no film from Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe has been released. Not a single film of Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe has been released and the first installment of the universe will be released 2024.


Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe Movies List 2024-25

Hanu Man

Hanu Man is an upcoming Telugu language Indian superhero film directed and written by Prashanth Varma. Hanu Man movie has Teja Sajja, Amrita Iyer, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai in lead and the rest of the cast is Satya, Getup Srinu, Raj Deepak Shetty, Vennela Kishore and among others. The film was produced by K. Niranjan Reddy under the banner of Primeshow Entertainment. Cinematography is by Dashradhi Sivendra and editing is by Sai Babu Talari. Anudeep Dev, Hari Gaura, Krishna Saurabh have composed the music for the film.

Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe Movies List 2024-25
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The film will be released theatrically on January 12, 2024, and will be released in several languages. The film is scheduled to be released in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. According to the IMDb, “An imaginary place called Anjanadri where the protagonist gets the powers of Lord Hanuman and fights for Anjanadri.” In the film, Teja Sajja will play the role of Hanumantu, Amrita Iyer will play the role of Meenakshi, Vinay Rai will play the role of Michael.



Adhira is the second installment of Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe movies list. Only one minute teaser of Adhira has been released. The film stars only Kalyan Dasari in the lead and it is written and directed by Prashant Varma. The film was produced by K. Niranjan Reddy under the banner of Primeshow Entertainment. The film is composed by Gaurahari and edited by Srikant Patnaik R. The one minute teaser shows that the film is full of supernatural and superheroes.

In the teaser, we see a man with the ability to create electricity with his hands. He carries a mysterious sword with a spark in it. After saving lives, he quietly walks away from the scene without any compliment.


Prasanth Varma upcoming movies

Prashant Verma is going to release That Is Mahalakshmi after Hanu Man, Adhira. He is based on the story Vikas Bahl of That Is Mahalakshmi, which is based on the movie Queen. The film stars Tamannaah, Shibani Dandekar, Siddu Jonnalagadda, Geetanjali, C.V.L. Narasimha Rao. Prashant Verma made his debut with Awe (2018). Prashant Verma’s cinematic universe is an interesting addition to the growing list of interconnected cinematic universes in the Indian film industry, and Prashant Verma cinematic universe has already earned rave reviews from fans.


Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe Movies List (FAQs)

Which was the first film of Prasanth Varma?



Is awe movie a hit?Β 

Awe Movie got good response and reviews from theaters, the budget of the film is 5 crores and the collection of the film is 13.25 crores.


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