Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release Date and many otherImage credit: Ullu app

We will read about, “Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release Date and many other.” The Ullu app is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a variety of online series, movies and other content. Ullu has recently launched a new web series called Purani Haveli, which falls under the genre of romantic horror. With the rise of numerous OTT platforms, the audience’s interest in such content is also on the rise.

Get ready for a mix of romantic and horror, and it is going to be an extraordinary viewing. In the web series, you are going to see not only romance and bold content but also a horror spin chilling experience. Purani Haveli premiered on June 7, 2024, and garnered an astounding reception. The audience greatly appreciated the web series, leading to the upcoming release of its second installment.


Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast

The second installment of the Ullu web series “Purani Haveli” features a cast of skilled actors, whose performances in the initial part garnered much praise. Anita Jaiswal portrays the character “Vanita”, Mahi Kaur takes on the role of “Saas”, and Ridhima Tiwari embodies “Manjulika”. The series stars Anita Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, Ridhima Tiwari in lead roles. In the series, Anita Jaiswal is playing the role of “Vanita”, Mahi Kaur as “Saas” and Ridhima Tiwari as “Manjulika”. Web series contain horror, erotic romance or mystery.

Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Release Date and many other
Image credi: Ullu App

Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Release Date

Purani Haveli is a horror, drama series, which is on Ullu Originals OTT platform. Purani Haveli Part 1 Ullu web series was released on 7 June, now its second part is going to be streaming on 14 June 2024. Seeing the response of the web series, the second part of the series has been released within 7 days. Get ready, you are going to witness extraordinary and hair-raising horror elements. The web series will showcase a combination of love, drama, romance, boldness, suspense, and horrifying incidents to captivate the viewers.


Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Trailer


Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series Plot

The story of the web series revolves around a newly married couple who witness some horror incidents in an old mansion. The story of the series is similar to the Bollywood film Bhool Bhulaiyaa, where the spirit of Manjulika is trapped in a room of the mansion. Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series centers on both the past and the future in its narrative. The twist coming in the Purani Haveli series will attract the audience.

Manujalika emerges from her confinement, causing fear among her family members. Consequently, they seek the guidance of a Tantric in order to rid themselves of Manjulika’s presence. In the subsequent installment of the series, the daughter-in-law falls victim to the possession of Manjulika’s spirit. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of the second part, displaying great excitement to witness the unfolding events.

By watching the second part of the series on June 4, fans will get answers to the questions arising in their minds. Purani Haveli Part 2 Ullu Web Series show has a compelling plot, twists and turns, and an outstanding cast and their performances.


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