Prabhas’s Salaar Teaser kicks up a storm

Today Salaar teaser was released at 5:12 am. Such dialogues that create a storm in our minds abound in the teaser of Salaar. Today’s teaser confirmed one thing that the film Salaar will be divided into several parts, first of which is Salaar Part 1- Ceasefire. The Salaar Teaser begins with a brilliant dialogue by Tinnu Anand on being surrounded by many armed men. Tinnu Anand said, “Lion, tiger, cheetah, elephant are very dangerous, but not in Jurassic Park, Because in that park there is a…”. After that comes the action and look of Prabhas in the teaser, a rebel star is introduced as Prabhas.

Salaar Update: Prabhas's Salaar Teaser kicks up a storm
Image: Instagram  Credit: @Salaarthesaga

The Salaar Teaser also featured an appearance by Prithviraj Sukkumaran, who plays the role of Vardharaj Mannar. Teaser and written by Prithviraj Sukkumaran, “Most Violent Man… Called a man… Most Violent 🔥”. #salaarteaser has been trending on social media since yesterday. Today he has about 25 million views and 1.1 million likes on YouTube.

Fans were looking for the link of Salaar and KGF in the teaser, but no such link was found, so KGF fans became sad. I hope this movie becomes a blockbuster movie. Salaar Teaser have become staples in the film industry, raising expectations and setting the stage for the highly anticipated film’s release.


The film stars Prabhas in the lead role, and the rest of the cast in the movie are Prithviraj Sukumaran (Vardharaj Mannar), Shruti Haasan (Aadhya), Jagapathi Babu (Raja Mannar), Madhu Guruswamy, Easwari Rao, Shriya Reddy, Naveen Singh, Jackey Mishra. How excited are fans for the release of Salaar teaser?  The teaser of the film is giving the right response as expected and Prabhas is about to make a comeback as a rebel.


Salaar which language movie

Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam


The budget of Salaar movie

Rs 200–250 crore


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