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We will read about “Salaar vs Dunki collection Update”. Salaar and Dunki is set to rock the theatres, this year there is an epic clash between Salaar and Dunki that fans are eagerly waiting for. Both the films have made and broken many records at the box office.


Salaar vs Dunki collection Update

Salaar vs Dunki collection (Dunki crossed Rs 170 crore and Salaar’s box office collection has declined)

According to sacnilk, Salaar’s India net box office collection in its 8 days is Rs 317.62 crore. Salaar has collected 189 crores in Telugu, 9.85 crores in Malayalam, 15.6 crores in Tamil, 4.67 crores in Kannada, 98.5 crores in Hindi in 8 days. Salaar has collected a worldwide collection of Rs 485 crore in its 8 days. Salaar can cross the Rs 100 crore mark in Hindi net box office collection with today’s collection.

Dunki has collected its 9 day box office collection of Rs 167.47 crores. Dunki’s worldwide collection has reached Rs 331.74 crore in 9 days. If the budget of Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire and Dunki is compared, Salaar is made with a budget of Rs 400 crores, while Dunki is made with a budget of Rs 120 crores.

Salaar vs Dunki collection Update: Dunki crossed Rs 170 crore and Salaar's box office collection has declined.
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Salaar Vs Dunki Collection (30 December)

Salaar can collect 10-12 crores on its 9th day, while the Hindi occupancy of Salaar stood at 29.68%. Dunki earned Rs 7-8 crore at the box office on the 10th day, while the Hindi occupancy was 19.60%. Salaar was released in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and Dunki was released only in Hindi. Salaar is packed with action scenes, larger-than-life characters, fast-paced group action and special effects, while Dunki  is a comedy and family drama. Both belong to different genre.


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