Savi: A Bloody Housewife: The 2nd teaser for the upcoming Bollywood film "Savi" directed by Abhinay Deo just dropped.Image credit: @_VisheshEnt_

We will read about, “Savi: A Bloody Housewife: The 2nd teaser for the upcoming Bollywood film “Savi” directed by Abhinay Deo just dropped.” Upon the release of the film’s teaser, numerous inquiries have arisen. The first teaser of the film was shared yesterday, after which the second teaser of the film has been released today. Fans are ecstatic following the back-to-back announcements of the Savi: A Bloody Housewife.


Savi: A Bloody Housewife Teaser 2

Savi: A Bloody Housewife stars Divya Khosla, Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Rane in lead roles, but so far Divya’s character has been seen in both the teasers, but Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Rane’s characters have not been revealed yet. The second teaser of the film will showcase the thrill of action and suspense along with power packed actors and performance. Divya appears in gunshot action in the second teaser for the Savi: A Bloody Housewife. The suspense teaser of Divya Khosla’s film ‘Savi: A Bloody Housewife’ has increased further.

T-Series shared this on social media through his Twitter handle and wrote, “With each tick of the clock, #Savi’s fate hangs in the balance. What will she do? #SaviABloodyHousewifeTeaser 2 out now! #SaviABloodyHousewife in cinemas 31st May, 2024.” Fans are currently filled with anticipation for the release of the movie’s trailer. Divya portrays a housewife in the 42-second clip, during which she gets into fights. She sits in a dark room with a revolver in her hand, said, “I don’t know if I will be able to break this jail or not but I will try my best”

The suspense surrounding Divya Khosla's 'Savi: A Bloody Housewife' has been further heightened by the teaser directed by Abhinay Deo.
Image credit: @_VisheshEnt_

In the story of Savi: A Bloody Housewife, she is going to break the security of a high security prison in London. This Savi: A Bloody Housewife film promises to be a tremendous action film, the excitement around the film is still very high, it is a thrilling adventure. There are many thriller films and series coming in May 2024, including “Kartam Bhugtam”, “Murder in Mahima” coming this month. Savi: A Bloody Housewife is going to release on 31 May 2024.

Anil Kapoor’s previous two movies, “Fighter” and “Animal”, have received immense acclaim. Now, brace yourself for his upcoming film, “Savi: A Bloody Housewife”, as it promises to transport you into a whole new realm of cinematic brilliance. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey and immerse yourself in an extraordinary cinematic adventure. The teaser of the film gives a deep glimpse into the lives of the characters, the story seems to be getting more complicated day by day. The level of discussion, enthusiasm, and anticipation surrounding the film is steadily growing among fans.

About Savi: A Bloody Housewife

The film is directed by Abhinay Deo, who also made “Force 2”, “Delhi Belly” and many others. The film is produced by Mukesh Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar under Vishesh Entertainment Production, Mishty Productions.


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