Hansal Mehta reveals the third season of the Scam series, titled 'Scam 2010 - The Subrata Roy Saga', delving into the life of Sahara Group's founderImage Credit: @ApplauseSocial

We will read about, “Hansal Mehta reveals the third season of the Scam series, titled ‘Scam 2010 – The Subrata Roy Saga’, delving into the life of Sahara Group’s founder.” The filmmaker unveiled the initial sneak peek video of the third installment in the Scam franchise today, building up anticipation to its upcoming release. The consecutive announcements of the web series have heightened the excitement to its peak.


Scam 2010 – The Subrata Roy Saga First Glimpse Video

The third installment of the Scam franchise Scam 2010: The Subrata Roy Saga will be arriving soon on SonyLIV. The first installment of the Scam franchise is Scam 1992- Harshad Mehta based on the 1992 Indian stock market scam and Scam 2003 based on the Telgi Scam: Reporter’s Diary by Sanjay Singh. The level of discussion, enthusiasm, and anticipation surrounding the film is steadily growing among fans. The third installment of the film is the scam 2010 which revolved around Subrata Roy, the founder of the Sahara Group of businesses. The excitement has reached its peak after the announcement of the series.

Applause Entertainment shared this on social media through his Twitter handle and wrote, “Sc3m is back! Scam 2010: The Subrata Roy Saga, coming soon on  @SonyLIV #Scam2010OnSonyLIV #Scam2010” Scam 1992 is one of the most watched series starring Pratik Gandhi in the lead role. The story of the film is based on 1980s and 90s Bombay, Scam 1992 and the life of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who reaches the heights of the stock market, which was called the Big Bull, Sucheta Dalal exposes India’s biggest scam. Scam 2003 revolves around the Rs 30,000 crore counterfeit stamp paper scam orchestrated by Abdul Karim Telgi in the year 2000.

The series Scam 2010 delves into the life of Subrata Roy, a renowned Indian businessman and industrialist who is the founder and chairman of Sahara India Pariwar. Through this series, you will gain a deeper understanding of his story and achievements. The series is directed by Harshal Mehta, produced by Sameer Nair under Studio NEXT, Applause Entertainment.


About Scam Franchise

The Scam franchise belongs to the financial thriller, biography, drama genre, developed by Harshad Mehta. The franchise was produced by Sameer Nair under Studio Next, Applause Entertainment. The initial episode was launched on October 9, 2020, followed by the second episode on September 1, 2023. A total of 10 episodes from each series have been released and are currently available for streaming on Sony Liv. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey and immerse yourself in an extraordinary cinematic adventure.


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