The animated film featuring Appu will premiere todayImage Credit: @AppuSeries

We will read about, “The animated film featuring Appu will premiere today.” Appu, a highly anticipated animation movie, has been long-awaited by fans. Animation films are greatly adored by children. Presently, numerous films, such as Love You Shankar, have been released across India.

The film’s narrative is incredibly captivating and engaging, making it a must-watch at the theater. It is based on the popular Appu series franchise, which has produced numerous animated films inspired by the compilation series and the Education Collection. The Appu series has garnered a significant following on YouTube. Appu defends his father and his entire caste, which is a brave moment.

A baby elephant crosses the ocean and treacherous jungle with a dog, tiger and a baby to save your dad Kannan from a hunter. The name of his elephant’s calf is Appu, the name of the child is Neena. The film is going to provide a unique cinematic experience of about 90 minutes.

The film is directed by Prosenjit Ganguly, Ajay Velu, Archisman Kar, and written by Prosenjit Ganguly. The film is produced by Sanjay Raheja, Suraj Raheja, Suresh Raheja under the
Appu series. APPU 4k animation series is released in Hindi and English.


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