The Hindi and Telugu versions of the Tamil historical fiction action film "Yaathisai" are set to be released soon.Image Credit: Twitter

We will read about, “The Hindi and Telugu versions of the Tamil historical fiction action film “Yaathisai” are set to be released soon.” The film, prepared for another exciting journey, debuted on April 21, 2023 in Tamil. Yaathisai is now scheduled for release in Hindi and Telugu languages. The film will showcase a delightful blend of historical fiction and action.


“Yaathisai” Release Date

Yaathisai movie is going to release in theatres on 10th May in Telugu and Hindi language. The Tamil film Yathisai, which was produced with a budget ranging from 7 to 10 crores, has managed to accumulate an impressive 20 crores in revenue. There is a lot of excitement, discussion and craze among the fans about the film. Prepare to be entertained as the movie transports you to an entirely new realm.

The story of this film revolves around the 7th-century princes Ranadheera Pandiyan. After he lost his power, his people were confined in the forest. The movie’s narrative is captivating, the actors deliver outstanding performances, and the cinematography shows great promise with its brilliance. Get ready for an amazing cinematic experience as you get to witness the new roller caster ride. The film is receiving positive reviews and response.


About Yaathisai

The film is directed & Written by Dharani Rasendran, Produced by K. J. Ganesh under the banner Venus Infotainment, Six Star Entertainment. The film stars Shakthi Mithran, Seyon Rajalakshmi, Guru Somasundaram, Chandrakumar, Semmalar Annam, Subathra and many others. The music has been composed by Chakravarthy.

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