The release date for Devil the Hero has been officially confirmedImage credit: @Vaishnostudios_

Devil The Hero is going to be a Kannada language action thriller. The shooting of the film is scheduled to be released on 22 March 20204, but is getting delayed due to Darshan’s injury. The Devil the Hero film’s update is bound to ignite your excitement.

Devil the Hero move is scheduled for a theatrical release on Christmas 2024, generating considerable excitement. The film is currently trending on social media, with its origins traced back to storm. There is a lot of buzz, craze and excitement among the fans regarding the Devil the Hero movie update.

Darshan is going to be seen as the lead actor in the film, while Rachana Rai is going to be in the lead actress. The film is produced Prakash, J. Jayamma under Vaishno Studios, Jai Mata Combines.

B. Ajneesh Loknath is credited with composing the music for the film, which was both directed and written by the talented actor known for delivering numerous successful films to the Kannada film industry.


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