The teaser of Kajal Aggarwal’s upcoming film Satyabhama has been released for its fans and cinema lovers. Satyabhama film is a crime, thriller, action film and Kajal Aggarwal can be seen doing action in the film. After her comeback, Kajal Aggarwal worked in Bhagavanth Kesari, in which proved to be a hit film. In which Kajal Aggarwal was accompanied by Nandamuri Balakrishna, Srileela, Arjun Rampal. Kajal Aggarwal Indian 2, Uma also has upcoming movies.


In the teaser of the film Satyabhama, the character of ACP Satyabhama is brought to life for the first time by Kajal Aggarwal. There’s a lot of excitement and action in the teaser. ACP Satyabhama confronts his haunting past and embarks on a high-stakes investigation to find a missing man. Her salvation is at stake as she uncovers the dark secrets of various shadowy cities. Will she triumph over her past or be swallowed up by its shadow?


The lead cast of the film is Kajal Aggarwal and the rest of the cast includes Naveen Chandra, Prakash Raj, Naginedu, Harshvardhan, Ravi Verma, Ankit Koya, Sampada N, Prajwal Yadama, Neha Pathan, and Other. Satyabhama is directed and written by Suman Chikkala and produced by Srinivas Rao Takkalapelly, Bobby Tikka. The cinematography is by Singham Mohit Krishna and the music is by Sricharan Pakala. The production house of the film is Aurum Arts Official, Annapurna Studios and the editing is by Kodati Pavan Kalyan.


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