The teaser title for Thalaivar 171 has been revealed.Image Credit: @sunpictures

We will read about, “The teaser title for Thalaivar 171 has been revealed.” Rajinikanth’s charisma is very high all over the world, Thalaivar 171 has been in the headlines for a long time. Thalaivar 171 is titled as ‘Coolie‘, the title teaser is quite amazing. There is a lot of buzz, craze and excitement among the fans regarding the L360 movie update.

Lokesh Kanagaraj has again come up with a masterpiece, the director and writer of the film. Lokesh Kanagaraj ‘s last film as a director and writer was the blockbuster film Leo. He has been given many blockbuster films and Lokesh Kanagaraj has produced LCU (Lokesh Cinematic Universe). Lokesh has presented unique stories, demonic characterizations and captivating stories.

The title teaser of the film showcases Rajinikanth’s electrifying action sequence. Fans eagerly anticipate the film’s release after witnessing the teaser. Additionally, the title teaser unveils Rajinikanth’s captivating appearance. Anirudh Ravichander has given excellent music in the Coolie film.


The movie is a joint effort between Lokesh and the magician, featuring outstanding performances, an exceptional cast, a captivating plot, impressive scenes, and is brimming with thrill. It is anticipated to be a blockbuster. The film is produced by Kalanithi Maran under the Sun Pictures.


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