The unveiling of the announcement poster for the Bengali film "PARIAH' VOL 2" has been revealedImage credit: @VikramChatterje

We will read about, “The unveiling of the announcement poster for the Bengali film “PARIAH VOL 2″ has been revealed.” The first volume of Family was in theaters at the beginning of the year on 09 February 2024.  The consecutive announcements of the film have heightened the excitement to its peak. The PARIAH first volume was successful in theaters with excellent collections.

The first volume of PARIAH “Outcast native Indian dogs suffer continuous torture, their lives rendered worthless by the country’s legal system.” It is expected that the film can be released on theaters next year. Give wonderful information on the birthday of Vikram Chatterjee, after which the excitement is at its peak. The first installment of the franchise had a amazing box office collection in theatres.

The upcoming PARIAH VOL 2 will draw inspiration from mythology, bringing a fresh perspective to the storyline. The initial sneak peek of the movie is truly remarkable. PARIAH VOL 2 continues to captivate audiences, serving as the second chapter in this beloved franchise. The level of discussion, enthusiasm, and anticipation surrounding the film is steadily growing among fans.

The filmmaker has increased the excitement by releasing the new motion poster of PARIAH’ VOL 2. The unique story of the PARIAH volume 1 film will compel the audience to watch. The film is directed by Tathagata Mukhopadhyay, produced by Prateek Chakravorty and Avinaba Ghosh. Prepare yourself for an amazing cinematic experience.


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