The unveiling of the First Look of Karthi's 27th film showcases the title as Meiyazhagan.Image credit: @Karthi_Offl (X)

The title and first look of Karthi’s upcoming film Karthi 27 has been revealed today. Karth 27 has been titled “Meiyazhagan”. The hype and excitement about the film is at its peak. Karthi, known for delivering numerous blockbuster films, is now set to captivate the audience once again with his latest project.

The talented Arvind Swamy is also present with him in this Meiyazhagan film. Arvind Swamy portrays the character of a middle-class individual in the initial Meiyazhagan movie poster. The poster depicts Arvind Swamy riding a cycle, while Karthi is seated in an inverted position at the rear. There is a lot of hope, madness and excitement among the fans regarding the update of the film.

The unveiling of the First Look of Karthi's 27th film showcases the title as Meiyazhagan.
Image credit: @2D_ENTPVTLTD (X)


C. Prem Kumar has done ‘Jaanu’, ’96’ as a director, now he is going to make a comeback with ‘Meyazhagan’ from 2020. Karthi “Sardaar 2”, “Va Vaathiyar”, “Kaithi 2” are his upcoming movies.  Fans are excited to watch the Meiyazhagan film, waiting for the upcoming film Kaithi 2 under Lokesh Cinematic Universe (LCU). It is expected that this film is going to be a family drama.

The film is produced by Jyotika and Suriya under the 2D Entertainment banner. The film stars Karthi and Arvind Swamy in the lead roles, while Sri Divya is seen in the female lead role. Cinematography has been done by P.C. Sreeram. The film is directed by C. Prem Kumar, while Govind Vasanth has taken up the responsibility of composing the music.


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