Tillu square Review: Star Boy Siddu is back and breaking records everywhere!Image credit: @SitharaEnts (X)

We will read about, “Tillu square Review: Star Boy Siddu is back and breaking records everywhere!” Enter the mysterious world of Tillu Square and prepare your mind for happiness. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of romance, crime, comedy, cinematic brilliance. Your favorite Siddhu character is returning to amuse you. The movie is now available in theaters.


Tillu square Review

Tillu Square has now been released in theatres, you are going to get a great cinematic experience. Tillu Square is receiving wonderful feedback and compliments from admirers. Attention all romance and comedy fans! Prepare to go on an extraordinary cinematic journey as we explore the fascinating world of Tillu Square.

Tillu Square is the highly anticipated sequel to DJ Tillu. The film depicts Bal Gangadhar Tilak aka “DJ Tillu” and Anupama Parameswaran aka Lily’s romantic relationship. The first day of the film features an impressive collection.ย  According to T2bLive, opening gross collection of the film in the USA on the first day is $450. The film will keep you engaged with its humorous attitude, hilarious one-liners, and unexpected twists and turns. Fans have high expectations for the flick.

The opening half of the film was very well received by fans. Neha Shetty, DJ Tillu’s lead heroine, will also make a cameo appearance in the film. The film’s dramatic tale and comedic elements will compel you to go to the theater. The digital rights to Tillu Square were acquired by Netflix. The film’s satellite rights were acquired by Star Maa as per as 123telugu.

Tillu square Review: Star Boy Siddu is back and breaking records everywhere!
Image credit: @SitharaEnts (X)


Tillu square Twitter Review

“Siddhu with his timing and one liners just Rocked as Tillu One man show. Radhika re entry whole block crazy asalu”, wrote one user.

“#TilluSquare is better than the first one in almost every way!! They made sure to keep the essence of Tillu brilliantly through in through. What works better in this is the story is engaging from start to finish and never does the comedy feel overbearing. Siddhu is a STAR!!”, wrote another user.

“First half completed #TilluSquare Excellent 1st half with mind blowing twistsย  Again tillu Anna mosam ayipoyaruu Excellent dialogue !!ย  Good screenplay!!”, wrote on another twitter (X) user.

“#TilluSquare – a rollercoaster of fun! Siddhu’s energy lights up the screen, Anupama is good, and the never ending one-liners kept me hooked. Despite the occasional disjointed scenes & questionable green screens, it still manages to captivate! Perfect for a one-time watch! 3/5”, wrote on twitter (X) user.

“#TilluSquare was a laugh riot. Has plenty of rib-tickling moments in it. Itโ€™s been a while since I had watched a Telugu movie in theaters and this one made up for the furlough. To the ones who come across this tweet of mine & wish to enjoy some good laughs, please go watch it”, wrote on another twitter (X) user.


About Tillu Square

Tillu Square is written by Siddhu Jonnalagadda and produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, Sai Sowjanya under the banner of Sithara Entertainments, Fortune Four Cinemas. The cinematography of the film is done by Sai Prakash Ummadisingu and the editor is Naveen Nooli. The music in the film has been composed by Ram Miriyala, Sricharan Pakala and the background music has been composed by Thaman S. The cast of the film includes Muralidhar Goud, C. V. L. Narasimha Rao, Murali Sharma, Praneeth Reddy Kallem, Siddu Jonnalagadda, Anupama Parameswaran and many others.


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