We will read about, “Who wins the battle of Savi vs Mr and Mrs Mahi box office collection?” On the 31st of May 2024, a clash ensued at the box office between two films belonging to distinct genres. There is a lot of excitement, discussion and craze about the film which is at its peak. Savi: A Bloody Housewife was an action thriller drama film, whereas on the other hand it was a romantic sports drama film.

Savi is a housewife from a happy family who turns a criminal to save her husband when he is declared a criminal and sent to jail. The film revolves around a couple who wanted to pursue cricket as their career but due to family pressure, they couldn’t pursue their dreams. Rajkumar Rao (Mahendra “Mahi” Aggarwal) transformed his spouse Janhvi Kapoor (Mahima “Mahi” Aggarwal) into a professional female cricket player.

While on one hand it has an interesting story along with the love of the family, for the first time in Bollywood a film has been made on jail break, which is quite amazing. On the other hand, inspiration and emotion will be evident in addition to a compelling tale. Savi movie stars Divya Khosla, Anil Kapoor, Harshvardhan Rane and on the other hand Mr. and Mrs. Mahi stars Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor.

Who wins the battle of Savi vs Mr and Mrs Mahi box office collection?
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Savi vs Mr and Mrs Mahi box office collection

Savi first day box office collection is 1.6 Crore, whereas Mr. & Mrs. Mahi first day box office collection is 6.75 Crore. Savi has made box office collection 7.13 Crore in 8 days, film has made Worldwide collection 8.34 Crore. Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’s box office collection in 8 days is 25.75 crore, the global box office collections for this film are 32 crore. The budget of Savi is 20 Crores, but the budget of Mr. and Mrs. Mahi is 40 Crores which is double of Savi.

The film’s second week holds immense significance in determining its box office success, as it provides insights into the overall performance. Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi are leading by a substantial margin.


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