WTC 2023 News Update: New rules apply on WTC 2023

The WTC Finals will take place between Australia and Kennington Oval in London from 7-11 June 2023. No one has announced a team yet. India and Australia recently launched his first ODI game. The new rule will be implemented in WTC 2023.

Michael Neser replaces Hazlewood in Australia's WTC final squad

If the referee is required to make a decision before deferring the decision to the third umpire. This rule has since been abolished. Before TV umpire makes a decision, he may consult TV Empire and shall not issue any signals.

The reserve day has also been fixed in WTC and there is no permission to switch on the lights, but this will not happen now.

A helmet is mandatory. Wicketkeepers and fielders who stand close to batsmen are obliged to wear helmets. The batsman is also wearing a helmet in front of the fast bowler.

Runs taken after hitting the ball stump in a free hit will be added to the player’s score.


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