YASH19 Movie


Director:- Narthan

Music:- Anirudh

Cast:- Rocking Star Yash, Pooja Hegde


The Yash19 Movie is a film that combines action and drama. Rocking Star Yash, Pooja Hegde, and other notable actors are the lead actors in Gumraah. Anirudh is the music director of this film. Yash 19 movie is likely to release after Yash’s KGF 2.


Yash has made look ads for his upcoming film Yash 19. Rocking star Yash is the top jumpstarter, and people grab him. Let’s throw Yash up again. Then takes Pepsi in hand and goes on top of a truck. The Pepsi of the truck has posters attached to it. People have been waiting for Yash 19 movie for a long time.

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